Year in Review: Expert medical advice

Analgesic subcommittee

Dr Giles Newton-Howes (Chair, PTAC member, psychiatrist)
Dr Tipu Aamir (pain medicine specialist)
Dr Rick Acland (rehabilitation specialist)
Prof Brian Anderson (paediatric anaesthetist, intensivist)
Dr Christopher Jephcott (anaesthetist)
Dr Christopher Lynch (neurologist)
Dr Jane Thomas (PTAC member, paediatric anaesthetist)
Dr Howard Wilson (general practitioner, pharmacologist)
Dr Alana Wilson (specialist general practitioner)
Dr Janine Winters (palliative care specialist)

Anti-infective subcommittee

Dr Sean Hanna (Chair, PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr Emma Best (paediatric infectious diseases consultant)
Rhiannon Braund (clinical pharmacist)
Dr Simon Briggs (infectious diseases physician)
Dr Steve Chambers (clinical director, infectious disease physician)
Dr James Chisnall (general practitioner)
Mr Eamon Duffy (antimicrobial pharmacist)
Prof Ed Gane (hepatologist)
Dr Tim Matthews (general physician)
Dr Graham Mills (infectious disease physician)
Dr Jane Morgan (sexual health physician)
Dr Anja Werno (medical director microbiology)
Dr Howard Wilson (general practitioner/pharmacologist)

Cancer treatments subcommitee

Dr Marius Rademaker (Chair, PTAC member, dermatologist)
Dr Scott Babington (radiation oncologist)
Professor Christopher Frampton (biostatistician)
Dr Peter Ganly (haematologist)
Dr Tim Hawkins (haematologist)
Dr Richard Isaacs (medical oncologist)
Dr Allanah Kilfoyle (haematologist)
Dr Anne O’Donnell (medical oncologist)
Dr Matthew Strother (PTAC member, medical oncologist)
Dr Lochie Teague (paediatric haematologist, oncologist)
Dr Michelle Wilson (medical oncologist)

Cardiovascular subcommittee

Prof Tim Stokes (Chair, PTAC member)
Dr Andrew Aitken (cardiologist)
Dr Dean Boddington (cardiologist, electrophysiologist)
Dr John Elliott (cardiologist)
Prof Jennifer Martin (PTAC member, clinical pharmacologist)
Dr Richard Medlicott (general practitioner)
Dr Mark Simmonds (cardiologist)
Prof Mark Webster (consultant cardiologist)
Dr Samuel Whittaker (general practitioner)

Dermatology subcommitee

Dr Melissa Copland (pharmacist)
Ms Julie Betts (wound care nurse)
Dr Martin Denby (general practitioner)
Dr Paul Jarrett (dermatologist)
Dr Sharad Paul (general practitioner)
Dr Diana Purvis (dermatologist, paediatrician)
Dr Marius Rademaker (PTAC member, dermatologist)

Diabetes subcommitee

Dr Sean Hanna (Chair, PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr Melissa Copland* (pharmacist)
Dr Nic Crook (diabetologist)
Dr Bruce King (PTAC member, specialist internal medicine and nephrology)
Dr Helen Lunt (adult diabetes specialist)
Dr Diana McNeill (general physician, diabetes specialist)
Dr Karen MacKenzie (paediatric endocrinologist)
Assoc Prof Rinki Murphy (specialist diabetes physician)
Ms Kate Smallman (diabetes nurse specialist/prescriber)
Prof Tim Stokes (PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr Dougal Thorburn (general practitioner)
Dr Esko Wiltshire (paediatric endocrinologist)

Endocrinology subcommittee

Dr Simon Wynn Thomas (Chair, PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr Anna Fenton (endocrinologist)
Assoc Prof Andrew Grey (endocrinologist)
Prof Alistair Gunn (paediatric endocrinologist)
Dr Stella Milsom (endocrinologist)
Dr Bruce Small (general practitioner)
Dr Jane Thomas (PTAC member, paediatric anaesthetist)
Dr Esko Wiltshire (paediatric endocrinologist)

Gastrointestinal subcommittee

Dr Simon Wynn Thomas (Chair, PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr Murray Barclay (clinical pharmacologist/ gastroenterologist)
Dr Simon Chin* (paediatric gastroenterologist)
Dr Sandy Dawson (general practitioner)
Assoc Prof Alan Fraser (PTAC member, gastroenterologist)
Assoc Prof Michael Schultz (gastroenterologist)
Assoc Prof Catherine Stedman (gastroenterologist/ hepatologist and clinical pharmacologist)
Dr Russell Walmsley (gastroenterologist)

Haematology subcommittee

Prof Mark Weatherall (Chair, PTAC Chair, geriatrician)
Prof Brian Anderson (PTAC member, anaesthesia and intensive care medicine specialist)
Dr Paul Harper (haematologist)
Dr Tim Hawkins (haematologist)
Dr Eileen Merriman (haematologist)
Assoc Prof Paul Ockelford (haematologist)
Dr Julia Phillips (haematologist)

Immunisation subcommittee

Dr Sean Hanna (Chair, PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr Stuart Dalziel (paediatrician)
Assoc Prof Cameron Grant* (paediatrics)
Prof Karen Hoare (nurse practitioner/senior lecturer)
Assoc Prof Lance Jennings (clinical virologist)
Dr Osman Mansoor (public health physician/Medical Officer of Health)
Dr Stephen Munn (PTAC member, transplant surgeon)
Dr Gary Reynolds (general practitioner)
Dr Michael Tatley (Director of New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre)
Assoc Prof Nikki Turner (Director of Immunisation Advisory Centre)
Dr Ayesha Verrall* (adult infectious diseases specialist)
Dr Tony Walls (paediatrician/infectious diseases specialist)
Dr Elizabeth Wilson (paediatric infectious diseases specialist)

Mental health subcommittee

Dr Sean Hanna (Chair, PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr David Chinn (child and adolescent psychiatrist)
Dr Bronwyn Copeland (consultant psychiatrist)
Dr Verity Humberstone (psychiatrist)
Dr Jeremy McMinn (consultant psychiatrist addiction specialist)
Assoc Prof David Menkes (psychiatrist)
Dr Giles Newton-Howes (PTAC member, psychiatrist)
Dr Cathy Stephenson (general practitioner/sexual assault medical examiner)

Nephrology subcommittee

Dr Jane Thomas (Chair, PTAC member, paediatric anaesthetist)
Dr Caroline Chembo (renal physician)
Assoc Prof John Collins (renal physician)
Dr Nick Cross (nephrologist)
Dr Malcom Dyer (general practitioner)
Dr Maggie Fisher (specialist/renal physician)
Dr Colin Hutchison (nephrologist)
Dr Kannaiyan Rabindranath (consultant nephrologist)
Dr William Wong (paediatric nephrologist)

Neurological subcommittee

Prof Mark Weatherall (Chair, PTAC member, geriatrician)
Dr John Fink (neurologist)
Dr Richard Hornabrook (general practitioner)
Dr John Mottershead (neurologist)
Dr Giles Newton-Howes (psychiatrist)
Dr Ian Rosemergy (neurologist)
Dr Paul Timmings (neurologist)

Ophthalmology subcommittee

Dr Stephen Munn (Chair, PTAC member, transplant surgeon)
Mr Peter Grimmer (optometrist)
Dr Malcolm McKellar (ophthalmologist)
Dr Marius Rademaker (PTAC member, dermatologist)
Dr Jo Sims (ophthalmologist)
Dr David Squirrell (ophthalmologist)
Dr Samuel Whittaker (general practitioner)

Rare disorders subcommittee

Prof Tim Stokes (Chair, PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr James Cleland (neurologist and neurophysiologist)
Dr Melissa Copland (PTAC member, pharmacist)
Dr Janice Fletcher (clinical geneticist and metabolic physician)
Prof Carlo Marra (Dean of the School of Pharmacy, University of Otago)
Dr Dylan Mordaunt (clinical geneticist)
Dr Katherine Neas (clinical geneticist)
Dr Humphrey Pullon (haematologist)
Dr Howard Wilson (general practitioner)
Dr William Wong (paediatric nephrologist)

Reproductive and sexual health subcommittee

Dr Simon Wynn Thomas (general practitioner)
Assoc Prof Rhiannon Braund (PTAC member, clinical pharmacist)
Dr Melissa Copland* (Chair, PTAC member, pharmacist)
Dr Debbie Hughes (general practitioner)
Dr Jane Morgan (sexual health physician)
Dr Ian Page (obstetrician and gynaecologist)
Dr Helen Paterson (obstetrician and gynaecologist)
Dr Christine Roke (sexual health physician)

Respiratory subcommittee

Dr Matthew Strother (Chair, PTAC member, medical oncologist)
Dr Tim Christmas (respiratory physician)
Dr Andrew Corin (general practitioner)
Dr Stuart Dalziel (paediatrician)
Dr Greg Frazer (respiratory physician)
Dr David McNamara (paediatric respiratory physician)
Dr Ian Shaw (paediatrician)
Prof Tim Stokes (PTAC member, general practitioner)
Dr Justin Travers (respiratory physician)
Dr Neil Whittaker (general practitioner)

Rheumatology subcommittee

Dr Marius Rademaker (Chair, PTAC member, dermatologist)
Dr Priscilla Campbell-Stokes (paediatrician)
Dr Keith Colvine (rheumatologist and general physician)
Dr Michael Corkill (rheumatologist)
Assoc Prof Alan Fraser (PTAC member, gastroenterologist)
Assoc Prof Andrew Harrison (rheumatologist)
Dr Janet Hayward (general physician)
Dr Haseena Hussain (general practitioner)
Prof Lisa Stamp (rheumatologist)
Assoc Prof Will Taylor (rheumatologist)

Special foods subcommittee

Prof Jennifer Martin (Chair, PTAC member, clinical pharmacologist)
Dr Simon Chin* (paediatric gastroenterologist)
Assoc Prof Alan Fraser (PTAC member, gastroenterologist)
Mrs Kim Herbison (paediatric dietitian)
Mrs Julie Hollingsworth (nurse practitioner)
Dr Amin Roberts (paediatric gastroenterologist)
Dr Jan Sinclair (paediatric allergy and clinical immunologist)
Dr Russell Walmsley (gastroenterologist)
Dr Jocy Wood (general practitioner)
Ms Victoria Woollett (community dietitian)

Transplant immunosuppressant subcommittee

Dr Marius Rademaker (Chair, PTAC member, dermatologist)
Dr Helen Evans (paediatric hepatologist/gastroenterologist)
Dr Peter Ganly (haematologist)
Dr Tanya McWilliams (respiratory physician)
Dr Stephen Munn (PTAC member, transplant surgeon)
Dr Grant Pidgeon (renal physician)
Dr Peter Ruygrok (cardiologist)

Tender medical and evaluation subcommittee

The tender medical and evaluation subcommittee advises on our annual tender process for sole supply and/or hospital supply status for 400-600 pharmaceutical items.

Dr Melissa Copland (Chair, PTAC member, pharmacist)
Prof Brian Anderson (PTAC member)
Dr Jill Clendon (registered nurse)
Ms Laura Clunie* (hospital pharmacist)
Dr Ben Hudson (general practitioner)
Craig MacKenzie (hospital pharmacist)
Dr John McDougall (anaesthetist)
Miss Stephanie Noble (pharmacist)
Clare Randall (palliative care clinical pharmacist)
Geoff Savell (pharmacist)
Dr David Simpson* (haematologist)
Ms Amanda Stanfeld (community pharmacist)
Prof Tim Stokes* (Professor of General Practice)
Helen Topia (nurse practitioner/clinical educator)
Lorraine Welman (pharmacist)

Advisory groups

Critical Care

Group formed to advise PHARMAC for the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Prof Brian Anderson (PTAC Member, Chair, anaesthetics)
Dr Gillian Bishop (intensive care)
Dr Andrew Brainard (emergency medicine consultant)
Dr Craig Carr (intensive care/clinical pharmacology)
Dr Matthew Drake (anaesthetics)
Annie Egan (intensive care pharmacy)
Dr Greg Frazer (respiratory medicine)
Dr Seton Henderson (intensive care)
Dr Bruce King – (internal medicine)
Steve Kirby (critical care nursing)
Dr Andrew Stapleton (intensive care)

Interventional cardiology

Dr Scott Harding (Chair, interventional cardiologist)
Dr Seif El-Jack (interventional cardiologist)
Dr Sandi Graham (cardiology interventional nurse rep)
Dr Barry Kneale (interventional cardiologist)
Dr Madha Menon (interventional cardiologist)
Dr Rajesh Nair (structural interventional cardiologist)
Dr David Smyth (structural interventional cardiologist)
Dr Mark Webster (structural interventionalist)
Dr Gerard Wilkins (interventional cardiologist)
Dr Nigel Wilson (paediatric cardiologist)

Respiratory procurement

Dr Justin Travers (Chair) (respiratory physician)
Dr Melissa Copland (pharmacist)
Dr Andrew Corin (general practitioner)
Teresa Chalecki (nurse manager)
Teresa Demetriou* (asthma nurse)
Ann Nguyen (hospital pharmacist)
Betty Poot (respiratory specialist)
Noelene Rapana (nurse)
Joanna Turner (pharmacist)
Dr Phil Weeks (general practitioner)
Ann Wheat (asthma nurse educator/nurse manager)

Wound care

Julie Betts (Chair, wound care nurse practitioner)
Catherine Hammond (wound care clinical nurse specialist and educator)
Jonathan Heather (plastic surgeon)
Wendy Mildon (clinical nurse specialist wound care)
Amanda Pagan (wound care specialist nurse)
Emil Schmidt (nurse specialist wound care)
Alan Shackleton (nurse consultant – wound care service clinical lead)
Susie Wendelborn (specialty clinical nurse wound care)

Exceptional circumstances framework

When a clinician applies for funding for an individual patient for a medicine that isn’t on the Pharmaceutical Schedule, we apply our Exceptional Circumstances Framework. We take advice from a panel of expert clinicians – the “Named Patient Pharmaceutical Assessment” (NPPA) Advisory Panel, which consists of clinicians in a range of specialties.

NPPA panel

Dr George Laking* (Chair, oncologist)
Dr Paul Timmings (deputy chair, neurologist)
Dr Christina Cameron (consultant general physician and clinical pharmacologist)
Dr Malcolm Dyer (general practitioner)
Dr Dylan Mordaunt (clinical geneticist)
Dr John Mottershead (consultant neurologist)
Dr Paul Ockelford (clinical haematologist)
Dr Nina Sawicki* (general practitioner)
Dr Janet Titchener (general practitioner)
Dr Justin Travers (general and respiratory physician)
Dr Rachel Webb (paediatric infectious disease physician)

Special access panels

These are the panels which are responsible for assessing applications under Board approved Special Authority criteria for a number of high-cost specialised medications. The members are experts in their fields. The panels meet to assess applications when required.

Cystic fibrosis panel

Dr Cass Byrnes (respiratory paediatrician)
Dr Richard Laing (respiratory physician)
Dr Mark O’Carroll (respiratory physician)
Dr Ian Shaw (paediatrician)

Gaucher treatment panel

Dr Ian Hosford (Chair, consultant psychogeriatrician)
Dr Colin Chong (radiologist)
Dr Tim Hawkins (haematologist)
Dr Callum Wilson (metabolic consultant)

Hepatitis C treatment panel

Prof Ed Gane (hepatologist)
Prof Catherine Stedman (gastroenterologist and clinical pharmacologist)
Dr Campbell White (consultant physician and gastroenterologist)
Dr Jeffrey Wong (gastroenterologist)
Sarah Fitt (Chief Executive, PHARMAC)

Multiple sclerosis treatment assessment committee

Dr Ernie Willoughby (Chair, neurologist)
Dr David Abernethy (neurologist)
Dr John Mottershead (neurologist)
Dr Alan Wright (neurologist)

Pulmonary arterial hypertension panel

Dr Andrew Aitken (cardiologist)
Dr Lutz Beckert (respiratory physician)
Dr Clare O’Donnell (paediatric congenital cardiologist)
Dr Kenneth Whyte (respiratory physician)
Dr Howard Wilson (general practitioner/pharmacologist)

The list of members is accurate as at 30 June 2019. The appointments that ended during 2018/2019 are marked with an asterisk (*).