Key reporting documents

This page presents Pharmac's main accountability and reporting documents. 

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Statement of Intent

The Statement of Intent (SOI) is published every three years. This document provides an overview of our strategic priorities for the next four years, as well as specific performance targets and measures.

On 1 July 2020, Pharmac began its new strategic direction, which informs our SOI.

Statement of Performance Expectations

The Statement of Performance Expectations is published at the beginning of each financial year (July), after submitting to the Minister of Health. This document outlines the work we intend to do in the coming financial year as well as specific performance targets and measures.

Letter of Expectations

The Minister of Health's expectations for Pharmac's strategic direction, and the specific priorities for the following three years, are reflected in a letter of expectations. A letter of expectations can be issued at any time, but normally coincides with the development of the Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) as the SPE must reflect the content of the letter of expectations.

Output Agreement

Each year, the Minister of Health and Pharmac enter into an Output Agreement which is effectively a contractual form of the Statement of Intent. The purpose of an output agreement is to:

  • assist the Minister and Pharmac to clarify, align and manage their respective expectations and responsibilities for the funding and production of certain outputs, and
  • set the particular standards, terms and conditions under which Pharmac will deliver and be paid for the specified outputs.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is our main reporting mechanism to Parliament, and is usually tabled in late October. The Annual Report outlines our performance compared to the performance targets set in the previous year's Statement of Performance Expectations.

Quarterly performance reporting

In line with the Minister's expectations and to aid transparency, Pharmac is publishing quarterly updates on its performance against measures published in its current Statement of Performance Expectations.

View our Quarterly Report

Performance for completed financial years is outlined in the Annual Reports for those years.

Year in Review

We've published the Year in Review (previously the Annual Review) since 1995. This provides a more detailed summary of pharmaceutical usage patterns than the Annual Report, and also discusses issues of interest around pharmaceuticals. The Review is aimed at a broad readership and contains information on pharmaceutical prescribing over time, as well as highlighting the work we undertake in optimal use of medicines and our work with DHBs.

Year in Review 2021

Briefing to the Incoming Minister

Chief Executive expenses

In line with a practice introduced by the State Services Commission (SSC), Pharmac reports its Chief Executive's expenses for the previous financial year by 31 July each year. The SSC policy can be found on the SSC's website.